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The images on this page represent details of the edge treatments we can apply to the granite or marble you select for your countertop. All of these edges are polished to a high sheen to add beauty and luster to your finished product.

Stone Shop offers the following edges to add distinction to your countertops.

Stone Finishes

A high gloss, mirror-like finish with sharp reflections. The finish is produced by grinding with progressively finer abrasives. Polished surfaces are the easiest to take care of. On a microscopic level, the “pores” of the stone are closed and prevent most stains from penetrating below the surface.

A very smooth surface with a matte appearance (not shiny). This finish is produced in the same manner as polished slabs, but the process ends before any “shine” is created by the latter polishing steps. Honed finishes can require more maintenance that a polished surface. On a microscopic level, the surface is rougher than a polished surface, and can “grab” and hold onto stain-causing agents. Consult with The Granite Shop before deciding on whether a honed surface is best for your application.

Also known as brushed or leathered. A finish that is growing in popularity that involves a special tool called a brush-hammer that does exactly as it’s name imples – it “hammers” or pulverizes the surface of the stone, and diamond brushes begin to impart a polish on the roughened surface. Even with the rough “feel”, this finish is easy to maintain, since the brushing portion of the process is similar to the final stages of polishing.

Also known as flamed. A textured finished produced by a high-temperature flame directed onto the stone surface. The high heat causes thermal degradation of surface crystals. This finish is primarily used for non-slip (flooring) applications. Textured (aka Sandblast or Waterjet) – these finishes are similar to a thermal finish and are used for non-slip applications, and for special designs (engraving, lettering, etc.).

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